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Straightline 10″ Cyclone Reamer –  $1,500

Straightline cyclone reamer is the master in sticky clay.

  • Independent wings
  • Steep angled wings
  • Soil Shear passages
  • Hard-surfacing and Carbide Teeth
  • Replaceable fluid ports along the edge
    This Cyclone Reamer works with extremely low torque requirements, works effortlessly in Stick Clays, loams and sand formations. The Reamer minimise bit balling, maximize soil shearing, and accelerate the mixing of soils with drilling fluids.

American Augers Clay Whip Reamers

The Clay Whip Reamer is designed to prevent clay balling. The reamer spins relative to the clay cuttings. The clay cuttings are blended into the fluid and are therefore carried out of the hole in the resulting slurry. Features include high velocity fluid jets; minimal surface area using two wings reduces area clay can adhere to. Also, knives on the forward end of the shaft rotate with the shaft to continuously slice virgin clay into cutting that are exposed to the jetted fluid.

American Auger 16″ Clay Whip Reamer – $500

American Auger 14″ Clay Whip Reamer – $350

American Auger 9″ (225mm) Clay Whip Reamer – $250

American Auger 9″ (225mm) Clay Whip Reamer

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