Directional Drill Rods

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At JB Trenchless drill rods, we are committed to providing our clients with the absolute best horizontal directional drilling experience. Our work includes supplying all your HDD Tooling, Location Equipment, Muds, New and Used HDD Equipment and training personnel in lcaotiong and mud mixing. We advocate for horizontal directional drilling because it is fast, safe, less disruptive, more enivronmentally sound, and more cost-efficient option to pull in pipes.

We know that the industry has been practicing trenching and excavation for decades now, but with the right tools, machines, accessories, and techniques, we know through research and experience that horizontal directional drilling will become the industry standard.
High Quality Drill Rods
In horizontal directional drilling, it is the drill rod that interacts closely with the ground. The key to a well-made hole is the drill rod you use. . You want a drill rod that has the optimum steel grade, rod length, and rod diameter.

You can’t go wrong with new Hunting drill rods. One of the leading names in drilling technology in the world, Hunting provides only the best quality drilling tools for those in the trenchless industry. Check out the Hunting drill rod product description page.
Reliable drill pipes
It can be said that the drill pipe, composing over 90 percent of the length of the drill string, is a key peice of equipment of any horizontal directional drilling project. The drill pipe allows drilling fluid to flow easily down the hole, making for easier perforation.

Our forged drill pipe is just the tool you need. We have equipped our forged drill pipes with MT and UT inspection and they are tested for hardness, tensile, impact, and more, all to ensure that our clients can drill in a breeze using the tools we create.

We also have Hunting drill pipes, crafted from proprietary I-135 steel alloy that promises and delivers durability. For more information, check out our drill pipes’ product description page.
Drill Rods, and more at JB Trenchless
Need HDD tools? Get yours at JB Trenchless, your one-stop shop for all your HDD needs. For enquiries, leave us a message via our website’s enquiry form.

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