Drilling Muds

JB Trenchless is your one-stop shop for all your drilling needs. As specialists in the trenchless method of drilling, we know just how important drill fluids are. A reliable drilling fluid removes cuttings from your bore, ensuring drilling efficiency.

It prevents high pressure frac outs, unwanted fluids, or other unwanted substances into the formation. It maintains the stability of the hole.. It lubricates the drill string and other drill tooling, including your back reamers. These are only a few examples of the purpose of drilling fluids and their fluid additives.

If you are looking for drilling muds to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of your operations, we have the best options for you. We offer a full range of fluid additives suited for any and all directional drilling needs. 

The success of your drill shot will depend on the quality of your fluid additives. When you take advantage of our tooling or accessories, include fluid additives in your order. We are at the forefront of drilling technology and are well-positioned to cater to all your requirements.  

Products Carefully Selected from AMC Drilling Optimisation 

JB Trenchless distributes AMC products, the trusted name globally and in Australia when it comes to quality drill fluids. As we contribute to the move towards trenchless drilling solutions that are ultimately safer and more environmentally sound, we vouch for the way AMC’s products enhances project productivity, encouraging contractors and project managers to choose trenchless methods. 

Choose from any of these Fluid Additives :

  1. Clay and Shale Stabilisers – for the prevention of dispersion, minimisation of swelling, improvement of core recovery, and enhancement of your drill fluids’ integrity 
  2. Filtrate Control Agents – for the reduction of fluid dispersing as well as other formation-related problems 
  3. Flocculants and Dispersants – for the optimisation of your rate of penetration (ROP) 
  4. Foaming Agents and Detergents – for efficiency when removing cuttings, reducing the stickiness of clays, controlling bit balling, and cleaning and degreasing work
  5. Lost Circulation Materials – for the improvement of borehole stability through zone sealing, bridging, and more 
  6. Lubricants and Cutting Oils – for the reduction of friction and torque, which in turn optimises rate of penetration and maintenance of drilling components 
  7. Specialty Products and Chemicals – for other more specific drilling needs (i.e. coating, hydration, sealing, and more) 
  8. Treating Chemicals – for the treatment of fluid systems, control of unwanted substances, and the optimisation of bentonite yields for better dispersion
  9. Viscosifiers – for improved hole maintenance and the reduction of damage on drill components
  10. Cement and Grouting Additives – for cementing of collar pipes, stability of loose formations, and sealing cavities
  11. Weighting Materials – for the addition of weight to your fluid systems, preventing pressure and collapse

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Whatever type of drilling fluid additives you need, we’ve got it for you at JB Trenchless. For enquiries call us or leave us a message via our online enquiry form. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are multiple functions that are served by drilling fluids, including, but not limited to:

  • Removal of wellbore cuttings
  • Lubrication and cooling the bit
  • Hydraulic energy transmission to downhole tools and the bit
  • Formation pressure control
  • Permeable formation ceiling
  • Well control
  • Wellbore stability maintenance

Drilling Muds