Cobble Bits

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Product Description

The Cobble Bit is intend to be a productive tool option for hard packed soil, rock and cobble conditions. Gravel, Loose rock and cobble have always been a challenge to navigate with offset bits and flat blades, but the centre “scoop” design effectively removes smaller loose debris while concentrating the carbide cutting surface on larger cobbles or rock.


  • Cobble Bit – 3500 series W/ Hot Shot Pull-Back Adapter 2-3/8″ API Reg Pin
  • Cobble Bit – 4500 series 2-7/8″ Reg Pin
  • Cobble Bit – 5000 series 3-1/2″ API Reg Pin
  • Cobble Bit – 6500 series 4-1/2″ API Reg Pin