Earth Pressure Balance Pipe Jacking Machine

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Product Description

  • High flexibility to work in wide range of soil quality, especially for coarse sand, weathered and strong weathered sandstone.
  • Applying low speed, high torque transmission methodology to boost the cutting force. The overload factor can reach 3 or above.
  • The independent, comprehensive soil injection, and grouting system can improve the excavation face soil condition.
  • The construction land subsidence is small, the minimum overburden can be only 1.5 times the diameter of the smallest.
  • Using central support type cutter, compact construction, light weight, long life, and easy maintenance.
  • Using screw conveyor transfer soil, the altitude is high and the particle size is large.
  • Head of the pitch and the deflection angle using advanced electrical system control, easy operation, responsive, corrective amount digital display. intuitive and reliable.
  • Full section cutting, and the opening rate can be reached to 100%.