GD1100-LS HDD Machine

Model Number: GD1100

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Product Description

  1. with turbocharged engine, strong power, stable performance, oil consumption is 10%-20% lower thanother engine.
  2. open-circuit variable hydraulic system from Germany Rexroth, large flow, good in anti-pollution, safety and reliable.
  3. with imported electric proportional motor, simple gear transmission structure, reliable performance, push-pull infinitely variable speed, top rank in working efficiency, the power head is reserved with reinforcement device(push-pull), the push-pull force can reach 1700KN.
  4. equipped with imported electric proportional motor, rotation is infinitely variable speed, which improved working efficiency greatly.
  5. dual speed motor from Korea desung excavator, max. walking speed can reach 6km/h, which don’t need load into truck for short-distance transition.
  6. Low clamping center protects the drill rod effectively, and takes up small construction space; front and back clamp are separated, the clamping can change block according to drill rod specification.
  7. Floating spindle further protects the drill pipe thread.
  8. Four bar luffing mechanism makes big angle(0°-18°), low gravity center, good stability.
  9. Wire-control ensures the safety of rig and people during walking, walking, transition, loading and uploading is convenient.
  10. Fully open mechanical hand makes drill rod slip automatically, no need unload drill rod with people, saving labor charges.
  11. Enlarged cab can lift up and down with warm/cool AC.
  12. Liquid crystal system man and rig exchange can monitor rig condition any time, which can adjust rig work, making operation simpler and more comfortable.
  13. Intelligent program control system, comfortable operation, stable performance, strong function extension.

Additional information

Engine Power


Rig Weight


Walking Speed


Dimension(L×W×H mm)


Max push & Pull force


Max push & Pull speed


Max torque


Max Mud Pump Flow


Mud Pump Max Pressure


Entry Drill Angle


Max Rotation Speed


Max. Drilling Length


Max Aperture Diameter


Max. Climbing Gradient



EngineComminsPush & Pull motor

German Rexroth

/  Italy Sam

Mud PumpLeike/zhongdi/ZhongtanPush & Pull motor

German Rexroth

/  Italy Sam

Hydraulic MotorAmerican SauerWalking Motor


/ Miaoyifu/ Other


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