GD130B-LS HDD Machine

Model Number: GD130B-LS

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Product Description

  1. Equipped with Cummins Engine, dedicated purpose for engineering machinery, with high efficiency, large power, strong ability in construction.
  2. Push & pull adopt open-type load-sensitive system from American Saue,a nd Rotation variable plunger pump is also from US and with Germany rexroth motor.
  3. Push & pull and rotation adopt manual handle, which is simple and quick to control.
  4. Wireless remote control system, can long-distance wireless remote control crawler walking, engine and power head have emergency stop button, and the operation is simple, quick, can meet emergencies quickly through remote control downtime to avoid accidents.
  5. The user-friendly design worktable can rotary within 60°,having a wider view range, and high quality seat forward /backward moveable, which is comfortable for operator.
  6. Adopt multi-function handle, easy to operate, comfortable, reducing the operator’s fatigue strength.
  7. Europe-American style surface, streamline sculpt, elegant appearance, fully embody humanist designing idea. And it be opened overall for flexible operation and daily convenient maintenance.
  8. Small size and Lightness is better for construction in city centure、transfer and drilling in different kinds of working condition.
  9. Equipped with Vermeer type drill rod (Φ50×3048),with high quality 、 high reliability and superior performance.
  10. Main assembly parts adopt components from international first-class hydraulic components manufacturer, greatly improve the performance of products reliability.
  11. Adopt rack and pinion push & pull system, high efficiency, stable working.
  12. Auto loading, auto anchor, auto thread oil machine, etc, which can greatly improve working efficiency and reduce working intensity.

Additional information

Engine Power


Rig Weight


Walking Speed


Dimension(L×W×H mm)


Push & Pull capacity


Max push & Pull speed


Max torque


Max Mud Pump Flow


Mud Pump Max Pressure


Drilling Angle


Max Climbing Angle


Max Aperture Diameter


Max. Drilling Length



EngineComminsPush & Pull motorGerman Rexroth
Mud PumpLeikePush & Pull motorAmerican Eaton
Hydraulic MotorAmerican SauerWalking MotorKoreaDesung/ Other

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