GD200-LS HDD Machine

Model Number: GD200

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Product Description

  1. Equipped with Cummins Engine, with high efficiency, large power, low fuel consumption, low noise , strong ability in construction.
  2. Rotation adopts American EATON large torque motor driving directly , which is with large torque, stable performance , And with two gears speed regulation. Push & pull adopts American EATON motor, three gears speed regulation. The Construction speed is far ahead in the same industry.
  3. Equipped with hydraulic gear pump with military technology; Caterpillar walk by wire-control,which is convenient for load & unload and transfer.
  4. Four bar linkage luffing structure used for the main girder make sure the big entry angle, thus make sure the stable performance of the machine .
  5. Operation table adopts man-machine construction manner, comfortable operation, which greatly reduce workers fatigue level, the rotating cab is optional, with AC. broad vision, comfortable seat.
  6. Equipped with Ø60x3048mm drill rod, the machine use less field area, meeting the requirement for high efficiency construction in small place.
  7. Push & pull and rotation adopt multi-function handle controlled by pilot valve, which is easy and simple to operate.
  8. Electric design is reasonable with low failure rate, which is easy to maintain.
  9. The rig shape is beautiful, easy to repair, which fully shows “people-oriented” design vision.The cover shell adopts overall backflip and air-spring assisted opening machanism with large open space and very convenient for maintenance.

Additional information

Engine Power


Rig Weight


Walking Speed


Dimension(L×W×H mm)


Max Push & Pull force


Max push & Pull speed


Max torque


Max Mud Pump Flow


Mud Pump Max Pressure


Max Aperture Diameter


Entry Drill Angel

12 ~22 °


EngineComminsPush & Pull motorAmerican Eaton
Mud PumpLeikePush & Pull motorAmerican Eaton
Hydraulic MotorJinan militaryWalking MotorKoreaDesung/ Other