GD320C-LS HDD Machine

Model Number: GD320C

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Product Description

  1. Equipped with Dongfengcummins C205 engine, large power, stable performance, lower fuel consumption, lower noise, more suitable working in urban area.
  2. Driving head rotation adopts cycloid motor from Eaton , with large torsion, stable performance, and two stall stepless speed regulation.
  3. Driving head adopts cycloid motor from Eaton and integrated push&pull reducer from German Dermayr .Push&pull has three-stall speed optional , it’s rapid construction leads far ahead in counter competitors.
  4. Walking system adopts imported first-class hydraulic walking driving equipment withwire-control, convenient and fast loading, unloading as well as construction site transition.
  5. Home first adopted self-suction feeding rod manipulator, simple and rapid operation.
  6. Europe-American style surface, streamline sculpt and elegant appearance fully embody humanist designing idea.
  7. The cover shell adopts overall backflip and air-spring assisted opening mechanism, with largeopen space and very convenient maintenance.
  8. Both push&pull and rotation hydraulic system in driving head adopt advanced series/parallel connection control technique and imported international first-class hydraulic elements, independent radiation system, highly efficient productivity, reliable performance and energy saving.
  9. Simple electric circuit design, low failure rate , convenient maintenance.
  10. Equipped with φ73×3000mm drill rods,moderate machine size adapts to narrow and small working area and  high efficient construction as well.
  11. Wire-controlled proportional walking , with two stall speed regulation.
  12. Automatic spraying screw oil, saving and fast.

Additional information

Engine Power


Rig Weight


Walking Speed


Dimension(L×W×H mm)


Push & Pull capacity


Max psuh & Pull speed


Max torque


Max Mud Pump Flow


Mud Pump Max Pressure


Entry Drill Angle


Max Rotation Speed


Max. Drilling Length


Max Aperture Diameter


Max. Climbing Gradient



EngineComminsPush & Pull motorAmerican Eaton
Mud PumpLeike/zhongdi/ZhongtanPush & Pull motorAmerican Eaton
Hydraulic MotorJinan militaryWalking MotorKoreaDesung/ Other


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