GD450-LS HDD Machine

Model Number: GD450

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Product Description

1. Rotation Push & pull. Clamping and walk adopt Germany Rexroth variable system automatically. and under load Sensitivity Control; Advanced hydraulic system raises more than 15%-20% productivity than traditional one, reduces about 50% heat. Saves more than 15%~ 20% energy compared to traditional one.

2. Equipped with Cummins Engine. with high efficiency, large power, low fuel consumption, low noise , strong ability in construction.

3. Driving head reserves reinforced power (push & pull force). Push 81 pull force can be increased from 450KN to 900KN, which ensures the safety of the construction when in the construction of big diameter.

4. Main girder adopts four bar linkage luffing structure, which highly increases entry angle range and ensures the large angle and rig tracks not being off ground. having improved the safety performance.

5. Wire-control walking system to ensure the safety when walk, transfer and load & unload.

6. Reversible manipulator is convenient for loading and unloading drill rod, which greatly reduce the workers labor intensity. improve work efficiency

7. Use φ89x4500mm or φ102x4500mm drill rod. the machine use medium field area, meeting the requirement for high efficiency construction in small place.

8. Main hydraulic components are from the international first-class hydraulic components manufacturer, which greatly improve the reliability of the product performance and safety

9. Electric design is reasonable with low failure rate, which is easy to maintain.

10. Push & pull uses rack and pinion push-pull system, which is good for high efficiency, long life, stable work, and maintenance is also convenient.

11. Steel track plated with rubber can be loaded heavily and walk on all kinds of roads as well.

Additional information

Engine Power


Rig Weight


Walking Speed


Dimension(L×W×H mm)


Max Push & Pull force


Max psuh & Pull speed


Max torque


Max Mud Pump Flow


Mud Pump Max Pressure


Entry Drill Angle


Max Rotation Speed


Max. Drilling Length


Max Aperture Diameter


Max. Climbing Gradient



1. Uninstall Drill Pipe

2. GD450 HDD Machine operation


Push & Pull motor

German Rexroth/ Italy Sam

Mud PumpLeike/zhongdi/Zhongtan
Push & Pull motorGerman Rexroth
Hydraulic MotorGerman Rexroth
Walking Motor



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