GD450AT-LS All Terrain HDD Machine

Model Number: GD450AT-LS

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Product Description

GD450AT-LS Dual-wall Pipe rock drilling machine is developed on the basis of traditional trenchless drilling rig. and it is new horizontal directional drilling which apply to all strata of trenchless construction. It is new rock drilling technology whose drilling head is driven by outer pipe, and inner drill pipe drives roller bit to break rocks. Not only the drilling efficiency is greatly improved, but also the construction cost is significantly decreased. It will replace traditional rock drilling technology which is the combination of hdd machine and mud motor drive in the future. Besides the unique characteristics of Goodeng common hdd machine, GD450AT-LS Dual-wall Pipe rock drilling machine has the obvious advantage of “two high and one low”, which is pioneering the new era of all terrain construction.

1、High configuration

GD450AT-LS Dual-wall Pipe rock drilling machine is equipped with powerful Cummins power system, Germany originally imported Rexroth (international first-class brand) main hydraulic system, Humanized multi-functional operation cab (optional), Automatic loading and unloading drill rod manipulator, crane and so on.

2、High efficiency

GD450AT-LS Dual-wall Pipe rock drilling machine adopts double pipe drilling system, Outer drill pipe drives guide drilling, and high-speed rotating inner pipe drives roller bit to fast break rock strata. Construction speed improves greatly, and construction drilling efficiency is more than 50% higher than that of traditional drill.

3、Low cost

GD450AT-LS Dual-wall Pipe rock drilling machine can drill and do the project without mud motor, which saves the expensive mud motor costs. Inner drill pipe drives roller bit, small amount of pump can easily break the rock, which can save a lot of mud costs. High efficiency can shorten the construction time greatly and save a lot of fuel and labor cost etc.

With “two high and one low” huge advantage and high performance-price ratio, GD450AT-LS Dual-wall Pipe rock drilling machine must will be “weapon” of any region, any strata of trenchless construction. Goodeng Machine always adhere to the core values of “create value for customers”, constantly create high quality equipment for the customer, provide more perfect service, and hope to create a more brilliant tomorrow with the global trenchless customers together.

Additional information

Engine Power


Rig Weight


Walking Speed


Dimension(L×W×H mm)


Push & Pull capacity


Max psuh & Pull speed


Outer drill rod Max torque


Outer drill rod rotary speed


Interior drill rod Max torque


Interior drill rod rotary speed


Max Mud Pump Flow


Mud Pump Max Pressure


Drilling Angle


Max Climbing Angle


Max Reaming Diameter

1200mm(Soil Dependent)


700m(Soil Dependent)


How it works

  1. Germany REXROTH variable and load sensitive controlling main hydraulic system, main hydraulic parts sourced from the world famous supplier.
  2. Drive sub rotation enjoys the speed ratio adjust function, drive sub thrust & pulling speed can be flexible at low-speed/medium speed and high speed.
  3. Thrust & pulling capacity can be reinforced; the reinforced capacity comes to 900KN.
  4. Wire controlling for track walking with low-speed and high speed.
  5. Equipped with qualified mud pump with machine.(600L/min);
  6. Four bar linkage luffing structure increasing the drilling angle without rig body leaving the ground level.
  7. Steel track plated with rubber can be loaded heavily and walk on all kinds of roads.
  8. Rack and pinion thrust & pulling system.
  9. Equipped with revertible manipulator loading & unloading system.
  10. Standard 114*3000 mm Dual-wall Pipe ,and can choose 127*3000mm or 89*3000mm to meet different     condition.