GD6000-LS HDD Machine

Model Number: GD6000

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1、    Power system

a)      559KW+559KW Chongqing Cummins diesel engine. Electric power control system realizes the perfect matching with hydraulic power system under different work condition, with large power, energy saving and environmental protection. Independent power station is configured according to container size facilitating transportation.

b)      According to construction requirement, single engine working or double engine combined working is optional.

c)       Diesel engine monitoring system based on multiple safety precaution is easy to observe, and record running state. And it protects engine timely under the condition that malfunction goes against engine.

2、    Hydraulic system

a)      Main driving oil pump4sets of Rexroth branded, high pressure, large flow, swash plate, axial plunger variable pump, electric control constant power + pressure cut off + electro-proportional capacity control, realizes flowing supply on demand, avoiding pressure loss and flow loss. With the automatic pressure protection hydraulic system runs more safety, energy saving.

b)      Main controlling valveAccording todrilling machineconstruction characteristic main switching valve is self-designed and patent protection. Simple and reliable construction ensures running without failure. With larger diameter design,throttling loss is smaller, the system heat is small, more energy efficient, compact, reasonable layout is more adapt to the drill power system layout.

c)      Rotation, push&pull hydraulic motor: Rexroth high pressure axial plunger motor which is reputedand leading the industry standard, outstanding ability of high pressure under heavy load and low speed adaptation , make rig powerful stable , assuring safety and reliability during construction.

d)      Main hydraulic systemComparedto close-circuit system, by high voltage proportional control open-circuit system,no oil pressure causes the loss of pressure difference, the system is more energy saving, further enhance the capacity of host operation.

e)      Push&pull and rotation controlRotation and push&pull in driving head are full proportional linear stepless regulation. Work pressure implements remote pressure adjusting control within set range, facilitating adjusting torsion and push&pull force anytime , ensuring safety of engineering and drill tools.

f)       Walking reducers assemblyCompact style,high pressure underheavy-load walking reducer assembly largely used in excavators is of more reliability, larger torsion output and supplies powerful ability of walking and climbing , which adapts to more execrable grounds and gradient.

g)      Auxiliary hydraulic system Open-circuit composed by classical Sauer high pressure load-sensitive oil pump and proportion control multi-way valve ensures the clamp unscrewing ability.  In the same time,  all accessory movement controls are more accurate, reliable and forceful.

h)      Hydraulic accessoriesLarge capacity high assimilative filter ensures system cleanliness and extends maintenance interval;critical pipelines adopt high pressure wired-tube originally imported from Italy.

i)      Pipeline system of fast connectionHigh pressure, large diameter fast connector from Italy + high pressure wired tube imported from Italy ensure the fast, reliable connection and disconnection between host rig and power station,and during the process the tiny leakage does not fail to meet the rigorous environmental request.

3、   Electric system

a)      SoftwareIncludinga wide range of safety controlling system and auxiliary construction controlling software, such as “torque –push&pull joint controlling system”,“Electro-remote pressure regulation system”,“Electronic inductive pressure-cut off system(pressure self-protection)”, “Geological condition selection setting system” etc. It is realized that the accident deriving from inaccuracy operated by men is averted in sophisticated stratum by unmanned automatic safety control. And it accommodates rig to the resistance from strata, exerting rig’s drilling ability farthest, highly improving construction efficientcy.

b)      HardwareThe originally imported controllers dedicated for engineering machinery which have been extensively used in excavators can adapt to inclement construction environment, with abilities such as: water-resist, anti-shock, anti-dust, electromagnetic-proof.  They have been fully examined by safe running on excavators, ensuring the reliable running of electric-controlling system.

4、   Construction designing features

a)     Tracks installed in host rig and power station is convenient for transportation.

b)     10pcs of push&pull motor adopts manual clutch of high intensity and large torsion, which are alternatively serviced, extending the service life of the motors and reducers.

c)      Rack and pinion is adopted for driving head transmission form.

d)      Floating spindle is easy to unscrew drill pipes, eliminate alternating stress and avoid mud leakage.

e)      Floating girder is advantageous to transport and adjust entry incidence.

f)       Front and rear clamp detachable, being floated in all process, easy to change the corresponding vice jaw grip.

g)      Wire-controlled direction。

h)      Collocated with pressure discharge contrivance.

i)       Independent control room, multi person, spacious and comfortable, open field of vision. The configuration of air conditioner.

j)       Anti-slip aisle and guardrails at side and end of girder.

k)       Mud pump station and mud mixing system are set outside independently, up to client’s option.

l)        Equipped with the middle pipe bracket。

m)      Alloy steel rack and pinion with high wear resistance, high anti-impact

Additional Information

1、Main theoretical parameter

No Item Theoretical parameter Remarks
1 Driving head max. theoretical torsion N·m 156000 Differential pressure is
35Mpa,work efficiency not
2 Driving head max. theoretical push&pull
force (KN)
6000 Differential pressure is
36Mpa,work efficiency not
3 Max. working pressure set in system (MPa) 36 Allowed temperary max. working
pressure 42Mpa
4 Max. flow in the hydraulic system(L/min) 2100
5 Drill pipe diameter(inch) From 5 to 6-5/8 Petroleum standard drill pipe
6 Max. length of drill pipe(m) 10.6
7 Driving head max. rotation speed(rpm) 80
8 Driving head max. push&pull speed(m/min) 33
9 Main spindle floating distance(mm) 100
10 Mud pump channel diameter(inch) 4
11 Max. mud flowing volume(L/min) 3000
12 Max. mud pressure (MPa) 15
13 Entry angle(°) 8-16
14 Max. clamping force of pipe jaw (KN) 1700
15 Max. unscrewing force of pipe jaw(N·m) 300000
16 Rig weight(T) About 60
17 Size(Length×Width×Height (mm) 19300×3400×3700
18 Power station About 20T
19 Size of crawler-typepower station(mm) 8000×2400×3200
20 Permitted working Temperature ℃ -20~45
22 Permitted environment humidity % >90
23 Permitted working altitude(m) Altitude 0–2000
24 Referential back-reaming aperture (mm) φ2000 Soil depended
25 Referential drilling distance (m) 3000 Soil depended

Working pressure theoretical push&pull force theoretical torquerotation speed corresponding table

Working condition and theoretical torque Working condition and theoretical push &pull force(KN)
Working pressure
Max. theoretical torque
4 sets motor 6 sets motor 8 sets motor 10 sets motor
10 44353 680 1021 1361 1702
15 66529 1021 1531 2042 2553
20 88706 1361 2042 2723 3404
25 110880 1702 2553 3404 4255
30 133059 2042 3063 4084 5106
35 155236 2382 3574 4765 5957
40 177357 2721 4083 5444 6085


Engine Commins Push & Pull motor

German Rexroth

/  Italy Sam

Mud Pump Lanzhou Shengda/Other Push & Pull motor

German Rexroth

/  Italy Sam

Hydraulic Motor German Rexroth Walking Motor

Korea Desung



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