With our experience in the HDD industry, we recognise excellent products that work. This is key to ensuring that we are providing our customers access to the best Trenchless products in the world. We are proud to bring you top Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment and Parts from reputable international companies – all backed by the JB Trenchless commitment to service.
We advocate for horizontal directional drillling (HDD) for a whole list of reasons. This drilling technique is the one that produces the least impact to the surrounding environment or even the surface directly above the borehole. It’s what successfully connects utilities (water, gas, and more) without disturbing activity above ground.

Used HDD machines
JB Trenchless buy and sell used Horizontal Directional Drills, whether it be your Vermeer, Ditchwitch or Grundo we can value and list through our website and sales team. We put the work in for you to bring your machine up to scratch for sale, lsit, photograph to ensure speedy sales. With expoert knowledge in drilling our team will be able to assist in selling Used Equipment/ HDD Machines.
Light, powerful, cost-effective horizontal directional drill
With our EasyDrill FD10G Horizontal Directional Drill it attaches to your Mini Excavator and you can experience the benefits of the horizontal directional drilling technique for yourself. It is especially designed for an optimised user experience: it is easy to set up, operate, and steer. For more information, check out the FD10G Horizontal Directional Drill product details.
New HDD machines
When it comes to horizontal directional drilling, you can maximise your project outputs and hit your targets in a breeze with the right HDD machine. You want an HDD rig that is efficient without being complicated, high-tech without causing any wastage on energy or being too high maintenance. Most of all, you want a full range of options to choose from.

That is the experience you will have with Goodeng HDD Machines. At a value pricing Check them out at our Goodeng product details page.
More HDD tools
Need more additional tools directional drill spares? Check out our drill spares page: we’ve got tank and subsite and a soil displacement hammer available.
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