An Exceptional Range of HDD Reamers, Rock Drill Bits and Steering Blades for Superior Performance 

Are you looking for an HDD hole opener to suit the precise requirements of your project? 

At JB Trenchless, we believe that the right components can ensure the smooth running of your project and bring you an extraordinary range to choose from. As specialists, we have unrivalled expertise and take pride in offering high-quality HDD rock reamer to suit all types of rigs. The hole openers that we have are built using the latest technology and designed for offering precise results. Browse through the range that we have for you here to increase the efficiency of your project. 

Choose the Right Rock Reamer for Your Next Project 

At JB Trenchless, we bring you equipment and accessories preferred for their superior performance. No matter the size or capability of the reamer you need, you are sure to find it with us. We are at the forefront of what we do and take pride in offering efficient solutions to make your next project successful.

Horizontal directional drilling makes a versatile trenchless technology and is used for various types of installation. However, for seamless operation, choosing the right reamer is essential. The reamer is attached to the directional drill rods string and is used to make a hole to accommodate a new pipe. The reamer can be used for creating holes of different sizes and is suitable for all types of ground conditions. We bring you easy access to reamers and hole openers in different sizes and can guide you on how quickly you can increase the bore size in your ground conditions. We will ensure that you are able to find the right tool for the job that exactly matches your requirements.  

You can choose to buy any of the following types of hole openers and be sure of unrivalled performance :

  1. Different carbide Cutters for ground specific conditions (IADC) 
  2. Fixed and Changeable Cutter styles 
  3. Replaceable Parts and Repair 
  4. Small rig hole openers and more 

We wish to make it a fulfilling experience for all our clients and take pride in offering equipment and accessories that adhere to the highest standards of quality. We have been in business for years and possess an in-depth understanding of components that will best work for a project. If you choose to buy from us, you can be sure of getting the best at a competitive price.  

We have both new and second-hand equipment and accessories giving you the flexibility to select exactly what you want. We have a streamlined buying process and assure you of a hassle-free experience. 

Find Out More About Our HDD Rock Reamer 

We understand that given the complexity of features, choosing the right reamer can often be confusing. We are here to guide you at every step of the way and you can count on us for helping you make an informed choice. If you have any doubts or would like to find out more about the range of options that we have for you, get in touch with us. Based on your horizontal directional drilling requirements, we will help you choose a reamer that offeruninterrupted performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The importance of reaming in the machining process cannot be understated. Reaming enables an individual to finish drilled holes in an accurate size, allowing them to produce a greater number of holes that have a consistently better quality and an ideal surface finish. This is why reaming is primarily applied for holes that have been pre-machined.