Thrust Boring Machines

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Product Description

Sewer Construction Machines

Diameter:121 mm to 1016 mm
  • Sector of house-hold service connections
  • For controlled and uncontrolled trenchless supply and disposal line construction
  • In small excavation pits as well as in round pits with a diameter of minimum 2 m
  • Supplement with extension frames of different lengths possible
  • Special feature: create house connections starting from collecting pits

Pipeline Construction Machines

Diameter:324 mm to 1720 mm
  • For controlled and uncontrolled trenchless pipeline construction
  • Install lost or reusable steel protection tubes
  • Jacking pipes made of reinforced concrete, fiberglass, Polycrete, etc.
  • Robust design, high jacking forces and torques up to 100,000 Nm
  • Supplement with extension frames of different lengths possible

Pipe Rehabilitation Systems

Diameter:80 mm to 324 mm
  • Small and robust machines for trenchless renewal of gas, water and waste water pipes
  • Driven by a hydraulic unit
  • Renew pipes made of concrete, ductile cast iron, fibre cement, gray iron, ceramics, plastics and steel
  • Shards can be cemented into the ground by means of a high pressure cementing unit
  • Old pipes may be withdrawn from the ground and are replaced by new ones, at the same time
  • In difficult excavation pit conditions or in sidewalk areas

Equipment for Thrust Boring Technology

Drive Components

  • Hydraulic power pack

Control Systems

  • Optical Elektronical Navigation (OEN) including GPS
  • Perfordat for pipe steering systems


  • Pipe steering systems  from 500mm to 1200mm
  • PUD reamer (mts Perforator Underground Drilling)
  • Hollow drill auger systems
  • Pilot rods
  • Auger

Bentonite Systems

  • Mixing equipment & pump for bentonite


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