UNIMIX 44D Diesel HDD Mud Mixer

Product Description
  • The UNIMIX 44D Diesel HDD Mud Mixer: The Ultimate Solution for High-Volume Drilling Operations
  • Elevate your drilling efficiency to new heights with the UNIMIX 44D Diesel HDD Mud Mixer, engineered to deliver a formidable 640 gallons per minute pump output
  • At its core, a powerful Kubota 44.0 hp engine drives this machine, designed for high-output performance with an air-cooled diesel system that guarantees reliability and longevity in the most demanding environments.
  • Equipped with the essential Oil Alert feature, the UNIMIX 44D ensures your operations run smoothly, safeguarding the engine's integrity by monitoring oil levels.
  • Starting up is a breeze with dual options—an electrical starter for quick, effortless ignition and a recoil starter for manual control, giving you complete command in any situation.
  • With a substantial 12 qt fuel capacity, this diesel-powered mixer is built for the long haul, minimizing refills and maximizing productivity on the job site.
  • Whether you're tackling large-scale projects or need a reliable solution for your drilling fluid preparation, the UNIMIX 44D Diesel HDD Mud Mixer stands ready to meet the challenge, offering unparalleled performance and efficiency that keeps you drilling faster and longer.

UNIMIX 44D Diesel HDD Mud Mixer

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