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A Vast Range of High-Quality Directional Drill Rods

At JB Trenchless Drilling, we are home to an extensive selection of HDD drill rods to suit your machine, built to offer the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. With extensive experience in the field of Horizontal Directional Drilling, we have an in-depth understanding of the equipment and accessories that will ensure optimum performance. No matter the complexity of the project or the volume of HDD drill rod you require, we are confident that you will find it here. Check out our range today.

HDD Drill Rods for your Machine

We understand the importance of quality components and take utmost care to bring you durable drill rods. We have a strict quality management process to ensure that we are able to consistently offer a superior range of drill rods. We have drill rods made from forged and heat-treated alloy steel with high carbon content. We believe that the right drill rod can make a significant difference to the performance of your project.

Competitively Priced HDD Drill Rods for All Types of Applications

We wish to make it a fulfilling experience for all our customers and have a broad line of products to choose from. You may want a drill rod that is within your budget and our platform brings you easy access to a versatile range. With our full line of equipment, we are well-positioned to support you through your drilling operations. Whatever be the length or diameter of the drill rod that you have been looking for, we have your needs covered. All our products are priced reasonably and you have huge options to choose from. We also have second-hand machines and equipment options that you may want to explore.

Enhance the Productivity of Your Process With Our Drill Rods

Quality is at the core of everything we do and we bring you the most appropriate drilling solutions for your project. The drill rod is a vital piece of equipment for a horizontal directional drilling project and our range is tested for durability, hardness, tensile and impact. We are at the forefront of what we do and have been successful in offering the finest drill rods to our customers from different sectors.

Do you need Help?

We understand that given the options, choosing the right HDD drill rod can be a confusing task if you are unsure on what rod thread you have or are looking to change HDD drill rod spec of your machine. Feel free to get in touch with us as we offer everything required for change overs, such as Sub Savers, Drive Chucks, Adapters and Cross-Over Subs. We will understand your requirements and take you through the possibilities. You can immensely benefit from our experience and we assure that you will be satisfied with the purchase. Call us today to find out more. Alternatively, you can also use our online form. We will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are three primary benefits of directional drilling:

  • Installing any infrastructural material is a lot easier with directional drilling as it requires only a single pilot hole
  • Directional drilling is highly cost effective as it is virtually trenchless and does not require a significant amount of equipment to dig a trench for replacing underground piping
  • There is very little disruption that comes into landscaping when it comes to directional

A ditch witch is an underground construction equipment that digs a trench in the ground through the use of a vertical bucket line. Large ditch digging machines use a continuous conveyor chain, but a ditch witch uses a 12 foot conveyor chain, that is equipped with knife-like blade attachments, that enables it to easily dig out chunks of dirt.

Horizontal directional drilling is a process that is split into four stages, which includes:

  • Horizontally drilling a pilot hole under and across the obstacle
  • Enlarging the borehole by pre-reaming the horizontal boring to larger diameters
  • Conducting pull back operations by attaching the reamer to the drill string and connecting it to a pulling head


Installing the conduit by pulling the product into a position within the confines of a pipe.


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At JB TRENCHLESS, we prioritize exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your trenchless project. Our dedicated team is committed to proactive problem-solving and effective communication.

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JB TRENCHLESS is your one-stop-shop for all your HDD Tooling and Equipment needs. We leverage our experience to equip you with the right tools for the job. Listening to our customers every day, we understand the challenges faced on the job.   That’s why we are more than a supplier, we are your partner in drilling.

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With over 30 years of experience in the trenchless industry, we have a proven track record. From horizontal direction drilling to innovative trenchless solutions, our seasoned team leverages its expertise to deliver the cutting-edge tools and tried & true equipment to our customers.

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