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Meet the Grundomat: Your Go-To Tool for Underground Work

  • The Grundomat is a powerful tool that makes underground construction tasks a breeze. It uses air pressure to push its way through the ground, creating a path for pipes made of materials like plastic (PE, PVC, or PE-X) or cables to be installed easily. You can use it to lay pipes or cables over distances up to 30 meters, depending on the type of ground you're working with. It needs a compressor with a pressure of 6 – 7 bars and has to be pointed exactly where you need it to go for the best results.

How It Works

  • The Grundomat uses a special method called the 2-stroke principle to work so well. This method involves two main steps. First, it shoots forward to make a small hole. Then, it pulls the casing through this hole to make way for pipes or cables. If it hits a hard spot or rock, it keeps chiseling away until the path is clear. This means you can rely on it to work even in tough conditions.

Many Applications

The Grundomat is super versatile:

  •  Crossing Roads and More: It's perfect for jobs like getting under roads or hooking up utilities to buildings.
  •  Installing Steel Pipes: From model 130 onwards, you can add a special tip to help ram steel pipes into the ground.
  •  Renewing Pipes: Starting with model 95, you can also use it to replace old pipes without digging them up.
  •  For Foundations: It's also great for vertical drilling, like when you need to set up foundations.
  •  Direct Hookups: You can start utility hookups (like for internet, gas, or water) right from inside a building, saving your yard from being dug up.

Easy and Quick to Use

  • The Grundomat is designed to make your job easier. It's quick to set up, meaning you can start working right away from inside a building after making a hole through the wall. It comes with a seal that keeps everything tidy by blocking the hole in the wall from both sides. Plus, it's small enough to fit in a van, making it easy to take wherever you need it.
  • Choose the Grundomat for your underground projects and enjoy a tool that's reliable, versatile, and easy to use.
  • Various sizes available.


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